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  1. In the United Kingdom, the Association of Jewish Refugees houses a special interest group called the Kindertransport Organisation.
  2. She is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Dept of Hebrew & Jewish Studies at University College London and Honorary member of The Association of Jewish Refugees.
  3. In 2008 a new building for the Department of Biochemistry was constructed, on which a plaque was placed on 20 May 2013 by the Association of Jewish Refugees.
  4. In 2008, as chairman of the Association of Jewish Refugees'Kindertransport group, he organised celebrations marking 70 years since Parliament allowed the Jewish youngsters into Britain.
  5. This work lead today organizations like the Association of Jewish Refugees ( AJR ) or The Kindertransport Association ( KTA ) on . 23 November 2008 AJR organized another reunion in London.


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