1. In 1968 Barbara Assoon returned to Trinidad to work with Radio Trinidad as a news reporter and program presenter.
  2. The station's announcers included June Gonsalves, Barbara Assoon, Glen Antoine, Sam Ghany, Ken Laughlin, Hugh Blackman, Larry Heywood, Val Douglas, Russell Winston, Trevor McDonald, Holly Betaudier, Peter Minshall, Don Proudfoot, Bob Gittens and Raffie Knowles.
  3. His first script written for a play was " The Tout " ( 1949 ), In the UK there have been notable productions at the Almeida Theatre ( 1988, directed by Maya Angelou ), at Stratford East, and most recently at the Cottesloe Theatre, Royal National Theatre ( 2012 ) in an acclaimed production directed by Michael Buffong . " The Observer " 2 s reviewer wrote : " It is marvellous to report that, 55 years on, this play, in its original version, holds its own and seems fresh as the day it was written . " On 27 May 1958, a version of the play that he had adapted for radio and entitled " Small Island Moon " was broadcast on the BBC's Third Programme; it was produced by Donald McWhinney and Robin Midgley, with a cast led by John himself and including Barbara Assoon, Sylvia Wynter, Lionel Ngakane, Andrew Salkey, Robert Adams, and Sheila Clarke ( Boscoe Holder's wife and lead dancer ).


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