aston le wallsの例文


  1. Children from Lower Boddington are most likely to attend a primary school in Aston le Walls, Chipping Warden, Leamington Spa or Upper Boddington.
  2. St . Mary's parish is a member of the Benefice of Woodford Halse with Eydon, Byfield, Northamptonshire, Aston Le Walls and Boddington, Northamptonshire.
  3. The key revisions included a new tunnel at South Ruislip avoiding the Chiltern Line and mitigating the impact in the Ruislip area; realignment of the route and extension of the continuous tunnel, originally from the M25 to Amersham, to near Little Missenden; at Wendover and nearby South Heath extension to the green tunnels to reduce impact on local communities; an extension to the green tunnel beside Chipping Warden and Aston Le Walls; and realignment to avoid heritage sites around Edgcote.


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