at a high rateの例文


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  1. At a higher rate than any other major state
    他のどの主要な州よりも 高い成長率で
  2. Damage to the guard rail indicates the car went straight through it at a high rate of speed .
    ガードレールが壊れたのは 車が猛スピードでそこに 真っ直ぐ突っ込んだからだ
  3. Therefore , fishermen sometimes put off going fishing when the weather forecast predicts rain at a high rate .
  4. According to witnesses , they were driving at a high rate of speed , probably toward griffith park , when , apparently , they ran headon into this light pole .
    猛速度だったらしい たぶんレイプ事件の所へ それで支柱に衝突 他に車はなし
  5. These lands yielded higher output compared to their nominal value , and at a higher rate than other parts of the domain , leaving the omi-miyagawa domain the burden to fulfill its tax duty with the lower yield lands left with them .


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