at the price ofの例文


  1. as the cars expand at the price of the bicycles .
    エネルギー消費に関連した 公害が発生しています
  2. if you look at the price of penicillin
  3. at the price of large disparities ?
    格差が大きい方が マシなのか?
  4. then kanya fest is being held at the price of at least one student's high school life .
  5. kakuma bought a residence in kyoto with the size of 100 tsubo (unit of land measurement; 3 .95 square yards; 3 .31 square meters ) from tatsugoro shinmon (a fire brigade in the later edo period and the head of professional gamblers , who came to know yoshinobu hitotsubashi in ueno and whose daughter became a concubine of yoshinobu ) at the price of 36 yen , and lived there (the monthly salary of kakuma at that time is 45 yen ).


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