athletic genovaの例文


  1. Professionally, Leite played in his native Brazil ( for Synudine Bologna and Athletic Genova ).
  2. In 1947 was founded the CUS Genova Hockey and in 1968 the basketball club Athletic Genova.
  3. Athletic Genova, license plate Ausonia, is led on the bench by Luciano Bertolassi while the foreign was Wilbur Kirkland.
  4. He came the salvation as well as at the end of the second year, but only after the return match in the play-off against FIBA Kora Cup, was the last of Athletic Genova season since the end of the season the team moved to Novara ( coming Manner license plate ) for the lack of a suitable system, not receiving from the Municipality the guarantees system use of previously used Fair.


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