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  1. Attarsiya was a 15th 14th century BCE military leader who was probably Greek.
  2. Moreover, Attarsiya might be a possible Hittite reconstruction of the Greek name Atreus, a king of Mycenae according to Greek mythology.
  3. For example, in the " Indictment of Madduwatta ", Attarsiya, the " ruler of Ahhiya ", attacks Madduwatta and drives him from his land.
  4. Contemporary Hittite accounts about the campaigns of Attarsiya and the Ahhiya in general may indicate that there was a possible Mycenaean empire centered on late Bronze Age Greece.
  5. Despite the withdrawal of Attarsiya after the Hittite intervention, the following decades ( circa 1380-1320 BCE ) were a period of Mycenaean expansion on the Anatolian coast.


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