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  1. In 2003 he won the USTA boys 16s doubles championship with partner Jean Yves Aubone, and the Eddie Herr International Boys under-16s singles title.
  2. In November 2014, Lock has won his first doubles title on ITF Men's Circuit, playing alongside Jean-Yves Aubone in Niceville, Florida.
  3. Gort married Bessy Surtees, daughter of Aubone Alfred Surtees, on 11 June 1921, in England, and returned briefly to Winnipeg to live with his bride after the war.
  4. Following the sale of the property in 1914 by Aubone Surtees, the building has had various uses, including a psychiatric hospital, a local authority residential school and a nursing home.
  5. When Carpmael set about forming an invitational touring team, he turned to his old sporting friends from Blackheath, North was one of several players to accept, several had played alongside him against the New Zealanders in 1889, including Alfred Allport, Aubone Surtees and Johnny Hammond.


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