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  1. During World War II the ?41, 000 required to build the corvette HMS " Aubretia " was raised entirely by the people of Horsforth.
  2. The British corvette,, located the U-boat with ASDIC ( sonar ) . " Aubretia " and British destroyer then proceeded to drop depth charges, forcing " U-110 " to surface.
  3. Like all the Flowers, the " Aubretia " class were originally designed as single-screw Fleet Sweeping Vessels, with triple hulls at the bows and an above-water magazine located aft, to give extra protection against loss from mine damage when working.
  4. One crew member, William John McCabe was lost, the other crew members were rescued by the Norwegian merchant ship Borgfred and the HMS Aubretia : At the time of loss she was owned by Ulster Steamship Co .-G . Heyn & Sons Ltd of the Head Line.
  5. The story of Martin and Rose is later brought to Redwall during the time of Abbot Saxtus by Aubretia, a descendant of Brome, and Bultip, a descendant of Pallum, who accompanies it with a sprig of climbing-rose culled from that which grew on Rose of Noonvale's grave.


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