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  1. On Monday, Juvenile Prosecutor Jim Cole said the family is now cooperating fully with authoritie, and attorney Van Noy praised investigators.
  2. In February 2002, Aude was arrested at Pakistan's Islamabad Airport after authoritie found about eight pounds of opium hidden in the lining of the suitcase he was carrying.
  3. Speaking of Lancashire, Lord Burghley, advisor to Queen Elizabeth I complained, " The Papists every where are growen so confident, that they contempne Magistrats and their authoritie ."
  4. William also wrote a treatise to the English Parliament in 1659 . To the Supream Authoritie ( under God ) of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, the Commons in Parliament Assembled.
  5. Finally able to accept the united government of the four towns, Coddington made the following oath in March 1656 : " I William Coddington doe hereby submit to ye authoritie of His Highness in this Colonie as it is now united, and that with all my heart ".


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