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  1. These are findings of fact which Autoclenz cannot sensibly challenge in this Court.
  2. The conclusion that Autoclenz's valeters were employees in all but name was a perfectly tenable one on the evidence which the judge had before him.
  3. Its opinion was reversed by the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 and superseded by the more recent Supreme Court decision by Lord Clarke in " Autoclenz Ltd v Belcher ".
  4. The contracts began by spelling out that each worker was required to'perform the services which he agrees to carry out for Autoclenz within a reasonable time and in a good and workmanlike manner'- an obligation entirely consistent with employment.
  5. ""'Autoclenz Ltd v Belcher " "'[ 2011 ] UKSC 41 is a landmark UK labour law and English contract law case decided by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, concerning the scope of statutory protection of rights for working individuals.


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