1. In a recent literature search on PubMed, only six titles refer to the term " autopharmacology ".
  2. A research area where autopharmacology principles assumed great importance was that of pain and inflammation, due to the great number of endogenous messengers, transmitters and modulators involved in their complex response at molecular and cellular level.
  3. The control and regulation mechanisms of the circulatory system and renal functions and their interactions ( such as the renin / angiotensin system ) are also greatly influenced by autopharmacological agents; One of the autopharmacology pioneers was Professor Mauricio Rocha e Silva, leader of the team of Brazilian researchers who discovered bradykinin in 1948, an endogenous substance involved in hypotension in circulatory shock.
  4. Historically, the first approach to the concept of autopharmacology began with Henry Dale in the 1910s, discovered the role of acetylcholine in synaptic transmission, and later proved by Austrian physiologist Otto Loewi, to be the neurotransmitter involved in the proximal synapses of the autonomic nervous system ( initially named " Vagusstoff " by Loewi, and later identified as acetylcholine ).


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