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  1. Pharnabazus took control of the Persian forces in the Aegean, assisted by Autophradates.
  2. During these expeditions Autophradates also laid siege to the town of Atarneus in Mysia, but without success.
  3. After this Chares was a mercenary commander for Pharnabazus and Autophradates, but which Chares was compelled to surrender in the ensuing year.
  4. Autophradates was defeated and executed by Alexander at Pasargadae in 324 BC and Phrataphernes was granted the satrapies of Hyrcania, Tapuria, and Mardia.
  5. In 328 BC, Autophradates rebelled against Alexander and Phrataphernes, who had been reinstated as satrap of Parthia, was sent to quell the revolt.


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