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  1. Autopilot controls are located on the CCU and include heading, nav, approach, indicated airspeed hold, vertical speed hold, and altitude hold buttons.
  2. During the sustain phase the missile carried out a series of pre-programmed manoeuvres, under autopilot control, representative of the mid-course and endgame phases of an engagement.
  3. But news reports at the time said a passenger apparently took a cell phone call at the same time that the pilot engaged the autopilot controls.
  4. In some airliners, the autopilot controls originally included two identical knobs _ one to adjust direction, the other to adjust speed _ next to each other.
  5. AeroVironment, Inc ., then led by feet ) and featured a complex computerized autopilot control system, just as the full-size pterosaur relied on its neuromuscular system to make constant adjustments in flight.


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