avenue jewの例文


  1. "They said in effect to the Park Avenue Jews, ` You all have abandoned us .'That wasn't true, but that's what they said ."
  2. Tevye, his wife Golde, his two remaining daughters and the fiddler, having immigrated to the USA, arrive on Avenue Jew, an area inhabited by Jewish versions of the " Avenue Q " characters.
  3. The original Broadway cast of the musical " Avenue Q " and the Broadway 2004 revival cast of " Fiddler on the Roof " collaborated for a Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS benefit and produced an approximately 10-minute-long show, " Avenue Jew ", that incorporated characters from both shows, including puppets.
  4. In another World AIDS Day benefit in 2005, the original cast of " Avenue Q " and the cast of the Broadway revival of " Fiddler on the Roof " presented a 10-minute spoof of both musicals called " Avenue Jew . " As a brief prologue, Trekkie Monster poorly plays the " Fiddler " theme, pauses a moment, shrugs, and then eats the fiddle before running away.


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