avenue lrt stationの例文


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  1. The Monumento that passes through the city's 5th Avenue LRT Station.
  2. It will be almost connected to the Line 1's proposed North Avenue LRT Station.
  3. The "'Congressional Avenue LRT Station "'is a proposed station on the Manila Light Rail Transit System Line 6 ( LRT-6 ) in the Philippines.
  4. It is the third station for trains headed to North Avenue, and is one of the three LRT stations serving the city of Caloocan, the others being 5th Avenue LRT station and the proposed Malvar LRT station.
  5. "' Bonifacio Avenue LRT Station "', also "'Cainta LRT Station "', is a proposed station along the planned Manila Light Rail Transit System Line 4 ( LRT-4 ) in EDSA.


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