ba dinh squareの例文


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  1. Le Thi raised the Vietnamese flag 50 years ago on the speakers'platform at Ba Dinh Square.
  2. Ba Dinh Square is in the center of Ba 靚h District, with several important buildings located around it, including the President's Palace, the National Assembly Building.
  3. Ordinary Vietnamese, who came by the hundreds of thousands to hear Ho in 1945, were nowhere to be seen Saturday; police sealed off Ba Dinh Square with barricades.
  4. On September 2, 1945, Marching officially performed in the day of the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square by band Liberation Army commanded by Dinh Ngoc Lien.
  5. Clinton was to be formally welcomed Friday by President Tran Duc Luong at an honor guard ceremony in the courtyard of the French-built presidential palace on Ba Dinh Square.


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