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  1. BA World Cargo operates using the main BA fleet.
  2. The Concorde used for the production was G-BOAC, the flagship of the BA fleet.
  3. The airline also said two Boeing 777 aircraft were being sold and would exit the BA fleet in the spring.
  4. As a symbol of national pride, an example from the BA fleet made occasional flypasts at selected Royal events, major air shows and other special occasions, sometimes in formation with the Red Arrows.
  5. Other 777s in the BA fleet were named after aviation pioneers, for example " Wilbur and Orville Wright " and " Sir Frank Whittle . " The aircraft ( G-ZZZB ) no longer carries Sir Sefton's name, aircraft names having been removed from the BA fleet since the short-lived 1997 Utopia re-branding.


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