back of the houseの例文


  1. Go to the back of the house . no enemies are there .
    ?裏手だ。 敵は いない?
  2. Well , it was at the back of the house , which means someone was shooting from the backyard .
    家の裏の窓だ つまり誰かが裏庭から撃った
  3. Now all of a sudden you're like two old dogs being dragged out of the back of the house to lie down and die .
    急に年老いた犬みたいになって 裏口から出されて 死んでいく老犬のようだぞ
  4. Captain america , marty hart , decides he's gonna run deep into the woods , flank around the back of the house , where ledoux's firing at us , right ?
    キャプテン?アメリカの マーティは― 森を抜けて家の前で 撃ちまくってる―
  5. After a while , serzawa , hirayama , and hirama came home , and serizawa and oume , hirayama and kichiei , entered into the 10 tatami mat bed room at the back of the house to go to sleep while hirama entered into the bed room next to the entrance where itosato was to go to sleep .


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