back of the neckの例文


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  1. heart stops , small wound at the back of the neck .
    心停止で 首に小さな傷がある ジョン
  2. and kill it with a lance through the back of the neck .
  3. actually , dr . mallard , it would be more effective in the back of the neck .
    先生 首の後ろの方が 効果的です
  4. it would be pretty easy to miss a little pinprick on the back of the neck .
    見逃されてしまう 首の後ろの小さな傷です
  5. you're telling me to walk up to a homicidal robot and stab it in the back of the neck ?
    殺人のロボットに歩いて近づき 首の後ろに突き刺す?


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