back to back testの例文


  1. In 2011, Canada finished as runner-up for the second consecutive time in the Churchill Cup, before winning back to back tests against the United States.
  2. Two decisive back to back tests ended the sequence of dreary draws in tests between India and Sri Lanka since 1994, when India won 3-0 at home.
  3. In a back to back test on the United Kingdom TV program 5th Gear, the FD2 Type-R was three seconds quicker than the equivalent FN2 UK version around Castle Combe Circuit in the wet.
  4. "They could do with a rest before going to South Africa, where they will twice be playing back to back tests, which is really tough, " said Graveney, whose nephew, David, is chairman of the England selectors.
  5. In back to back tests the Civic Type R ( FD2 ) was on average 1 second quicker than the Integra Type-R ( DC5 ) at the Tsukuba Circuit and four seconds faster at the longer Suzuka Circuit.


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