1. Chapter four basing on the analyze of the pavement bearing strength using winkler subsoil model , modulus back - calculation was done through the fwd dynamical basin
  2. Aimed at this property hi which the effect of visco - elastic parameters appeared in late period , this paper proposes that parameters are not adopted as basic ones to predict settlement unless this computed parameters are similar in the course of back - calculation
  3. According to the pavement structure dynamical analyze theory , the principle and process of the pavement modulus back - calculation have been discussed . the appliance ideas of the dynamical modulus among the pavement evaluation , the dynamical characteristic and correlative dynamical parameters of the cement concrete pavement surface , basement and subsoil have been investigated , and the contrast relationships between dynamical and static modulus of the cement concrete pavement have been established , and the evaluation standard of the structure layers " dynamical modulus of the cement concrete pavement has also been presented
  4. As to planar visco - elastic prediction of settlement , this paper fixes on range of the back - calculation parameters range , analyzes back - calculation parameters which are indispensably in the course of anti - analysis . since it is difficult to acquire the optimization result in simultaneous back - calculation , this paper puts forward a calculation method which combined with investigation data and field experiment data to minimize the parameters to get optimization


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