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  1. The mechanical platform of unregulated voltages , power and back - emf spikes , and the electronic platform of clean power and 5 - volt signals
  2. The simulation results testify the reasonability and validity of the back - emf , and also testify the validity of the method for modeling
  3. The simulation results prove that this control technique can effectively minimize the torque ripple for the bldcm drives whose back - emf waveform crest width is less than 120
  4. Permanent magnet brushless dc motor is selected for pump driving , a neutral simulator of back - emf is set up for rotor position sensing solution instead of sensor , which proved to be right in theory
  5. This topic discusses the back - emf zero - crossing detection , the method of phase judging and compensation in detail . in order to improve the speeding performance we adopt the digital closed - loop speed control strategy


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