1. Back - reflection pinhole camera
  2. Back - reflection focusing came
  3. These emission peaks are located in the directions of the specular reflection of laser , the target normal and the back - reflection of laser respectively
  4. The peak in the direction of the target normal is consistent with mat of predicted by the resonance absorption and another peak of hot electrons emission in the specular reflection direction is due to the multi - acceleration mechanisms . the hot electrons emission along the back - reflection direction is probably caused by the acceleration of the back - reflection laser , which is for the first time put forward by us
  5. Based on this simulation method , the following novel designs are developed : 1 , the two - stigma design , which can reduce the aberrations and improve the imaging of the grating ; 2 , the flat - field design , which can omit the output waveguides and make an edg easier tc fabricate ; 3 , the passband flattening design , which can relax the requirements on wavelength control for lasers and filters in a wdm system ; 4 , the reduced back - reflection design , which guarantees very little reflection light back into the input channel and improves the feature of the return loss


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