back-scattering imageの例文


  1. Design the system of detection and data acquisition and transmission of compton back - scattering imaging scanner , provide some important indexes and methods that are used to assess this system
  2. Design the scanning movement control unit of compton back - scattering imaging scanner , mainly point out the control targets clearly , describe the control principle , etc . discuss the features and technical indexes of this unit
  3. Design the software of compton back - scattering imaging scanner , point out the functions of this software . give out the program modules in which the directory and contents of this software is included . give out the interfaces of the main program modules and describe the meanings of operating elements on these program interfaces briefly
  4. Do some necessary calculations and decide on the general scheme of compton back - scattering imaging scanner to the real wall inspection . include the selection of radioactive source , the calculation of compton back - scattering beam , the calculation of the basic condition of finding out the different materials and the determination of some important parameters as well . 3


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