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  1. Costaguti was born in 1612 in Rome to the Costaguti; Badalocchio.
  2. He also painted many procession banners, a field in which he competed with Sisto Badalocchio.
  3. His brother Agostino joined him from 1597 1600, and other artists in the workshop included Giovanni Lanfranco, Francesco Albani, Domenichino and Sisto Badalocchio.
  4. Using Annibale's designs and assisted by Lanfranco and Sisto Badalocchio, Albani completed frescoes for the San Diego Chapel in San Giacomo degli Spagnoli between 1602 and 1607.
  5. Giovanni Battista Agucchi, a friend and prot間?of Cardinal Odoardo Farnese tells us in a 1609 letter, raised along with Sisto Badalocchio and a near contemporary to Domenichino and Malvasia, make some note of him.


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