badalona dracsの例文


  1. Their first game in the league was against the incumbent league champions, Badalona Dracs.
  2. Badalona Dracs played Palermo Cardinals ( Italy ), with a score of 18-12 for the Italians.
  3. The inaugural EFL Bowl was won by the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes of Germany against Spain's Badalona Dracs on 20 July 2014.
  4. Frankfurt meanwhile had no problem dispatching of their European adversary Badalona Dracs ( 49-7 ) and thus the second German team advanced to a European Final-after four German teams had stood in the two European finals the previous season.
  5. In 2009 they faced their 4th Spanish bowl, beating the Badalona Dracs in a tough game and clinched a birth again for the EFL, where they'd meet Bergamo Lions ( Italy ) and the Elancourt Templiers ( France ) in 2010.


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