bala seriesの例文


  1. In Ireland the Caradoc or Bala series is represented by the limestones of Portraine near Dublin and of the Chair of Kildare; by the Ballymoney series of Wexford and Carnalea shales of County Down.
  2. In South Wales the Bala Series contains the following beds in descending order : the Trinucleus seticornis beds ( Slade beds, Redhill shales and Sholeshook limestone ), the Robeston Wathen beds, and the Dicranograplus shales.
  3. These zones are identical with those found in the rocks of the same age in North Wales, the Bala series, and the terms Bala or Caradoc series are used indifferently by geologists when referring to the uppermost substage of the Ordovician System.


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