bala varmanの例文


  1. The inscription of Bala Varman III states that Vanamala erected a huge palace consisting of many rooms and decorated by carvings.
  2. It is find the Tibetan Buddhist scholar Stunpa acting as preceptor to a Kamarupa king, probably Bala Varman I, in the early part of the fifth century.
  3. This being so, Meghavahana may be placed about the second quarter of the fifth century though Kahlan's chronology places him in the first century and he was probably the son in law of the Kamarupa king Bala Varman I . This matrimonial alliance and the celebration of the Svayamvara indicates that Pragjyotisha or Kamarupa was then an important kingdom in northern India and that it was no longer a mere frontier kingdom as in the days of Pushya Varman.


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