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  1. The mark was set on January 31, 2015 in New Balance Track & Field Center, New York City, New York.
  2. Across the street is the New Balance Track and Field Center, an indoor track and home to the National Track & Field Hall of Fame.
  3. The soccer teams play their home games at Van Cortlandt Park, and the track and field teams have their home meets at the New Balance Track and Field Center.
  4. The designers meet at the New Balance Track and Field Center in New York City and are challenged to create apparel to wear with a new Heidi Klum for New Balance lifestyle sneaker from Klum's collection.
  5. The spacious third floor is home to the New Balance Track and Field Center : A 200-meter, six-lane banked mondo track, two large runways and sand pits, a pole vault pit, and a throws cage.


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