balcony pressの例文


  1. In 1957, irate that Boston Herald sportswriter Henry McKenna was typing a story in the balcony press section, Gonzales started serving balls at McKenna.
  2. The American Institute of Architects has awarded Publisher Ann Gray and "'Balcony Press "'the 1999 Institute Honor for Collaborative Achievement.
  3. The Dr . Robert Winter, wrote the definitive Batchelder history, " Batchelder Tilemaker " ( Balcony Press, 1999, 112 pp, ISBN 1-890449-03-2 ).
  4. "Back then, Reno had an international reputation, " said Mella Rothwell Harmon, a historian with the state preservation office in Carson City, who recently wrote " Design for Divorce, " to be published by Balcony Press.
  5. When it began in the Valley, it was 1948, said Merry Ovnick, a cultural history professor at California State University, Northridge, who wrote " Los Angeles : The End of the Rainbow " ( Balcony Press; $ 34.95 ), which includes a chapter on ranch houses.


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