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  1. In 2009 Arnis Balcus showed his series " Amnesia " at Riga Art Space.
  2. After seeing Reed being experimented on, Mizki assaults Balcus and takes the Control Metal, threatening to throw it into the disposal chamber.
  3. Later photographers such as DaidM Moriyama, Hiromix, Ryan McGinley, Miko Lim, and Arnis Balcus gained international recognition thanks to the snapshot aesthetic.
  4. Mizki wakes up at Chronos headquarters, where Balcus shows her a gallery of Zoanoids before questioning her on how Sean was able to activate the Guyver.
  5. Balcus reveals his true form as the Zoalord and corners Sean, but the Guyver's defensive system activates the Mega Smasher cannons on his chest and obliterates Balcus and the laboratory.


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