bald archyの例文


  1. The 2014 Australian art prize the Bald Archy was awarded to Judy Nadin for " Wrecking Balls Ashes to Ashes ", parodying cricketer Mitchell Johnson as Cyrus.
  2. Newspaper cartoonist Peter Wilkinson won the 1998 Bald Archy for his entry entitled ` What Me Worry ?', one of two portraits of the bowler submitted for this year's competition.
  3. The satirical Bald Archy Prize, supposedly judged by a cockatoo, was started in 1994 at the Coolac Festival of Fun as a parody of the Archibald Prize; it attracted so many visitors that it has moved to Sydney.
  4. World's Funniest Island began as an Australian comedy event held on the third weekend in October on Cockatoo Island, on Sydney Harbour in 2009 . The Bald Archy art prize ( a parody of the Archibald Prize ) includes cartoons or humorous works making fun of celebrities and current affairs and is allegedly " judged by a cockatoo ".


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