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  1. "Bald on the Inside " was distributed through Borders Books & Music Stores throughout the UK . Backed by a UK-wide in store CD signing tour, it generated enough sales to put it occasionally inside their top 200 sellers list.
  2. Ben Bartlett of Guitarist ( magazine ) gave the album a positive review stating : " GI graduate shows some initiative, and some talent With Bald On The Inside, Guitar Institute graduate Tim Scott has produced a thoroughly listenable instrumental guitar / chill-out record by himself.
  3. Like a lot a of instrumental records Bald On The Inside showcases a vast array of playing techniques, ranging from Jeff Beck's vocal tremolo arm mastery and Joe Satriani's up-tempo boogie style through to Tommy Bolin phrasing and Steve Vai-style melodic rock.
  4. The grouped release of the " Amy Jane ", " Angel Dust " and " 4 : AM " singles and the digital release of " Bald on the Inside " all in November 2009, were all encompassed under the Acer Records umbrella.


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