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  1. Bankie Banx and the Roots and Herbs disbanded in 1987 and many of the members returned to the Caribbean.
  2. Perhaps the most famous musician from Anguilla and one of the Caribbean's most acclaimed recording artists is Bankie Banx.
  3. During a Jimmy Buffett charity event hosted by Bankie Banx at The Dune Preserve, Bankie raised over one hundred thousand for local charities.
  4. Sounds of Anguilla ( Volume 1 ) debuted on iTunes on 30 June 2015 and included celebrated Anguillian musicians such as Bankie Banx, Amalia Watty, True Intentions and Gerswin Lake and The Parables.
  5. The album was released on June 30 on iTunes and included the following roster of musicians : "'Natalie, Amalia Watty, Raskim, Darius James from True Intentions, Jaine Rogers, Gershwin Lake and Parables, Bankie Banx, Raoul  Nyne Vanterpool, Catriona Lake, Exodus HD, Pantha Vibes International, British Dependency, Deanna Mussington, Roxanne  Roxxy Webster, Shara, and Keria Hughes " '.


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