barren islesの例文


  1. Scores of barren isles are clustered near the Turkish coast.
  2. Last seen in " The Thirteen-Gun Salute " the two were shipwrecked on a barren isle in the South China Sea.
  3. But tensions have been building since February in the Spratlys, a group of about 200 mostly barren isles and partly submerged reefs that straddle sea lanes between China and the Philippines.
  4. In January, the US managed to bring the two NATO allies back from the brink of war over conflicting claims to a crop of barren isles in the southeast Aegean Sea.
  5. Thereafter ( about 484 ) he begged his brother-in-law, the King Oengus of Munster, to let him go to the wild and barren isle of Innish in Galway Bay.


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