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  1. He described it as " a shrub frequent on rocky barren ranges in the interior ".
  2. The Barren Ranges consist of metasediments, mostly uplifted by movements of the Earth's crust.
  3. It is usually found on hills, such as the Barren Range, or high dunes . " Eucalyptus acies " is able to grow in skeletal sandy soils on quartzite and granite hills.
  4. The species was first described by the botanist Charles Gardner in 1933 in the " Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia " from samples Gardner had collected near the Barren Range in 1914 and Steedman had collected in 1931 from the same area.
  5. Its headwaters rise on the sandplains below Mount Madden and flow in a southerly direction, crossing the South Coast Highway approximately west of Ravensthorpe, entering the Fitzgerald River National Park and veering eastward to follow a fault-line in the Quartzite rocks around the Eastern end of the Barren Range.


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