basic rate isdnの例文


  1. Support is included for Analogue, Basic Rate ISDN and Primary Rate ISDN transmission and reception.
  2. NTBX27 cards serve Basic Rate ISDN lines.
  3. Basic rate ISDN provides two channels, whereas primary rate gives you up to 30 channels on one connection.
  4. This was intended to allow several terminals to share a single network connection, in the same way that two Integrated Services Digital Network ( ISDN ) phones can share a single basic rate ISDN connection.
  5. Frame Relay complements and provides a mid-range service between basic rate ISDN, which offers bandwidth at 128 kbit / s, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode ( ATM ), which operates in somewhat similar fashion to Frame Relay but at speeds from 155.520 Mbit / s to 622.080 Mbit / s.


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