be a barrel of laughsの例文


  1. That wouldn't be a barrel of laughs either.
  2. After shaking hands with the equally maniacal Mike Shanahan ( who should be a barrel of laughs himself this week ), Belichick walked off the field and was greeted by Kraft, who had a kind word and a hug.
  3. "Softening economies don't tend to be a barrel of laughs for consumers, " said Yobie Benjamin, a partner and distinguished fellow at Ernst & AMP; Young in San Francisco, " but they have a lot of positives ."
  4. Not that you expect the remaining members of R . E . M .-- vocalist Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck and bassist Mike Mills-- to be a barrel of laughs, but songs like " Shiny Happy People " and " Orange Crush " at least showed a sense of humor.


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