be at cross - purposesの例文


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  1. The celebration, of course, seemed to be at cross-purposes with the event it was honoring.
  2. :Great to hear, i'll second that the muliple accounts thing would seem to be at cross-purposes with your goals.
  3. Antitrust scholars have long recognized the undesirability of having courts oversee product design, and any dampening of technological innovation would be at cross-purposes with antitrust law.
  4. While many of the proposals to reform the bank and the fund appear to be at cross-purposes, there is rough agreement that both have strayed from their main missions.
  5. The architect of an apartment building, for instance, can easily be at cross-purposes with the owners of the building regarding how the building should look and feel, and they could both be at cross-purposes with the future tenants.


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