be personally on the sceneの例文


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  1. The application of the virtual reality technology in the cai can make the students be personally on the scene and understand the knowledge more deeply
  2. In this system , we simulate the ec s process by computer , it can provide a real time and interact ec virtual environment , the student would think that they are personally on the scene
  3. There are nine rotational chairs for 4 people in the movie room . it is controlled by computer and swaying from left to right according to the plot . you will feel strong motion as if you are personally on the scene
  4. 4 . process : innovative learning stresses on process and cares learners " experience of exploring and harvesting new knowledge . only students are personally on the scene , will learning process go on as the process of accumulating knowledge and soundly shaping personality
  5. This dissertation fully absorbs and applies current advanced volumetric display technology , introduces the advanced scene rendering techniques , and improves the realism of the scene . the viewers can view the three - dimensional images without glasses , and are personally on the scene


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