beat headの例文


  1. He was one of the most difficult guys to beat head to head as a junior.
  2. "He can't do very much without their cooperation and I can't do very much without our cooperation so we can beat heads together all day ."
  3. It responded to Sawyer Mac's campaign with a press release saying, " For those of you who believe that you can beat head lice by dressing them like a salad _ think again ."
  4. Not even by the fact that the last time a horse won his first race in the Derby was in 1933, when Broker's Tip beat Head Play in that famous duel down the stretch between Don Meade and Herb Fischer.
  5. In the meantime, fans can savor a past season that was, by nearly any measure, a triumph ( including viewership : " The Sopranos " sometimes attracted an audience that beat head-to-head competition on a broadcast network, which is available in three times the homes ).


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