beat his wayの例文


  1. And you can't beat his way with non sequiturs.
  2. Rangers coach John Muckler on New Jersey's Claude Lemieux : " Lemieux couldn't beat his way out of a paper bag.
  3. John Horton Murray negotiates Menelas with some authority and some strain, and Crosby beats his way through the score in an informed manner, like a Boy Scout hacking through underbrush.
  4. He was asked by race directors to go to the rescue; he turned back and against all odds he beat his way to Dinelli's sinking craft and pulled the near-dead man aboard in the nick of time.
  5. His " A Street Scene in Cairo; The Lantern-Maker's Courtship " ( 1854 61 ) is a rare contemporary narrative scene, as the young man feels his fianc?s face, which he is not allowed to see, through her veil, as a Westerner in the background beats his way up the street with his stick.


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