beat lengthの例文


  1. His biggest win of the year came in the Advance Stakes in which he beat lengths.
  2. At most points along the fiber the net polarization will be an elliptically polarized state, with a return to the original polarization state after an integer number of beat lengths.
  3. Romanian musicologist Constantin Briloiu had a special interest in compound time signatures, developed while studying the Bulgarian music, beat lengths of 1, 2, 3, 4 are used in the metric description.
  4. Consequently, if visible laser light is launched into the fiber exciting both polarization modes, scattering of propagating light viewed from the side, is observed with a light and dark pattern periodic over each beat length, since scattering is preferentially perpendicular to the polarization direction.
  5. As I said, if you're using exact counting ( the bar lengths are not the same, the beat length is ) and your beats are dotted notes, then you're looking at " 9 / 8, 9 / 8, 6 / 8, 6 / 8, 9 / 8 " as your simplest form.


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