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  1. Metric levels faster than the beat level are division levels, and slower levels are multiple levels.
  2. He meets the beta-testers again who believe he is a player named " The Guy ", who can supposedly beat Level 5.
  3. Intel said its improved profitability should continue this year, with gross margins _ what it makes after subtracting certain expenses _ continuing to beat levels set earlier last year.
  4. There are three single-player game modes : in Solo play, the player has to beat level after level, rotating through Lush, Spooky, and Frantic maps with progressively harder bots to fight.
  5. With bigger and increasingly complex high-tech weaponry, meaner mutants, and nearly impossible to beat level bosses, the copycats try to make their games louder and faster without bothering to develop an original setting or storyline.


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