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  1. That esthetic fused Beat literature, confessional poetry and folk-music broadsides into a new bardic tradition based on the supposedly infinite and inexhaustible self.
  2. A young literature scholar here in Tampa, Sheldon Grebstein, was suspended when he assigned his students an essay about Beat literature that included profanity.
  3. The story has been compared to beat literature such as " On the Road " and " Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ".
  4. Maria Damon, an English professor at the University of Minnesota who has taught Beat literature, spent a week studying under Corso at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colo ., in 1977.
  5. The fragments of the letter heard over the soundtrack suggest a fevered, semi-coherent stream-of-consciousness running on a jazzy, hopped-up rhythm that became a hallmark of Beat literature.


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