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  1. She was a beatnick, a mod, a rocker, a biker, then a hanger-on of Hell's Angels.
  2. A remix of the song by Beatnick and K-Salaam was included on the 2011 remix album " American Tragedy Redux ".
  3. He said I need to know it all'from Beaowolf to beatnick'and be able to know at least the titles of all of them so she does not go over my head when she talks.
  4. The band was founded in Madrid, Spain, in 2006 by Ignacio Sim髇, Lorenzo Palomares, Santiago Estrada and American musician and beatnick Aldous Berkowitz, with vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Sim髇 being the only constant member.
  5. As a result, " those dirty, beatnick-hippies began to have a new image .'I didn't know they were like " THAT ",'one woman exclaimed, " That was beautiful !"


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