beaton park stadiumの例文


  1. "' Beaton Park Stadium "'is an Australian basketball centre in Gwynneville, New South Wales.
  2. Undefeated Australian Shannan Taylor scored a unanimous 10-round points decision over New Zealander Sean Sullivan in a fight between world-ranked welterweights at Beaton Park Stadium on Friday night.
  3. Prior to 1998 the Hawks played out of the Beaton Park Stadium, commonly known as " The Snakepit ", located in Gwynneville, a suburb of Wollongong close to the city centre.
  4. Prior to this season, the Hawks played out of the 2, 000 seat Beaton Park Stadium ( also known as the "'Illawarra Basketball Stadium "') for twenty seasons starting from the club's inception in 1979 . One story that evolved around the NBL during the 1980s was that the Illawarra Steelers rugby league team would sit behind the opposition bench during Hawks home games at Beaton Park in a bid to intimidate the opposing team.


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