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  1. The Beatrice Letters reveal that Beatrice and Lemony first met when they were still schoolchildren and Beatrice was friends and classmates with the R, the Duchess of Winnipeg.
  2. "The Beatrice Letters " ( 2006 ) is a collection of fictional letters between Lemony Snicket, Beatrice Baudelaire, and a second The End ".
  3. But " The Beatrice Letters " revealed that Sunny had been on the radio many times discussing her recipes, when she had grown up into a young woman, and so it is clearly implied that she survived.
  4. In " The Beatrice Letters ", his niece, the daughter of Kit Snicket, also named Beatrice Baudelaire, mentions that she believes he is a detective of some sort, a reference to his investigations into the case of the Baudelaire children.
  5. Kidsreads . com praised " The Beatrice Letters ", claiming " Snicket incorporates what could, surprisingly, be one of the most touching and heartfelt ( if absurd ) love letters ever written . . . [ it ] heightens the stakes, and the anticipation, for Snicket's eagerly awaited Book the Thirteenth ."


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