beneficial effectの例文


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  1. Where it has generally beneficial effects .
    これは通常 よい効果をもたらします
  2. Accordingly , eating susume is considered to have beneficial effects on jaws .
  3. While i personally don't believe in god , myths can have a very beneficial effect on children .
    私は神を信じてないけど 神話は子どもたちに とても有益な効果を与えるわ
  4. Removing the stems and leaves of the parent potatoes , makes the tips of their leaves curved , preventing them from spreading too much will have a beneficial effect on the growth of smaller potatoes .
  5. Due in part to moderation of import taxes on foreign wines , a diversification of japanese food culture , and growing awareness of the beneficial effects of polyphenol , an understanding of real wine in recent years has come about , also a groundwork has been laid out by the promotion of high quality domestically produced wines .


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